Better Love Her

I love you for listening

to the sound of my heart

that speaks of sadness

and grief.

I love you for erasing

the gruesome memories

my heart contained

for so long.

It is you who saved me

from the pit of depression

and suicide by slashing

my insecurities.

It is you who echoed to

my heart its new heartbeat

that made me a better man,

a better lover.



Tighiyawat Naman Oh

Aalagaan kita pero sana huwag ka nang lumaki.

Makontento ka na lang sanang hinahaplos kita.

Paghahaplos na punong-puno ng pag-iingat.

Maging masaya ka pa nga dapat na iniingatan kita.

Hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon ipagmamalaki kita

kahit ganoon ang pakikitungo ko sa iyo.

Mas kailangan kitang itago.

Nakakahiya ka.

Nakakainis ka.

Nakakayamot ka.

Nakakaasar ka.

Huwag ka nang bumalik sa akin para maayos na ang buhay ko.


The Pen and the Calculator

“Could we be friends?”
The calculator asked the pen
“If you will just comprehend,”
The calculator answered the pen.

Let’s relate to each other
And talk about this important matter
I’m interested in numbers
And you’re interested in letters.

How could we be friends
If we’re not on the same end?
Let us not criticize,
Don’t you know we both analyze?

We analyze a certain subject
We solve problems about objects
You add ideas, I add numbers
I subtract figures, you subtract letters.

I multiply variables, you multiply details
I divide quantities, you divide mails
But we both construct statements
Well, we can now have our friendly moments.


(Our Algebra professor required us to write a poem for the subject. Here’s mine.)