I Sleep Tight

I stayed up all day long
And waited for you, dear,
At last when you were here,
You said you need to sleep.

I know that you belong
To yourself, that is clear
My sweet, you are so near
But here I am counting sheep.


Treasure Chest

Your heart is a treasure buried in your chest
That you want to feel, you long to caress;
And you know that if you want to see it,
You should be willing to hurt it a bit
For something so precious as your heart
Needs a little pain to see if it will break apart.


Way Back Home

​Rod Stewart
Sailed through stormy waters
To be near her,
To be free.

He had eight muses,
That means battling
With imposing waves
Just to seek the right love.

So if you want
To find your lover,
You should let the rage
Take you to her.