Roll, Roll, Rick

The past is not haunting us
But it will never leave
Just like the time when we were us
Until you decided to leave.

Sadness gripped my life
And breathing is my sigh
Life means I need to survive
By accepting all your lies.

Now, I’m exposing my heart
Amid my friendly fear
Today I’ll take your part
And lament my last will here.


Shush! A Monster!

Big white monster
Craving for some flesh
With mouth so tender
But teeth are meshed.

Hiding from the light
And waiting for his prey
A man’s good night
Is the monster’s time to play.

Go! Shut the windows
And hide under your bed
Quick! Hug your pillows
And prepare your million med.

Be scared if you want
But that would not help
The monster’s adamant
That the killer is your yelp.

Paunang Salita

Kung ika’y isang aklatika’y isang aklatika’y isang aklat
Ika’y aking bubulaktin

Pagnanasaan ang ‘yong pabalat
Ang ‘yong kwento’y mamahalin

Babasahin ka hanggang ‘di na makasasapat
Ang liwanag ng dilim

Hanggang ang mga talukap ay maglapat
Sa aking panaginip

Kung ika’y isang aklat
Ika’y aking yayapusin