Lovely Lady Lad

Why do I love you?
I will never know
How do I love you?
Maybe I can show.

My heart’s not filled with you
Well of course, it’s filled with blood
But I think you’ve got my heart
You silly lady lad.

And still counting
Like leaves, but not tired,
I’m always falling.



Sketchy Reminder

I stayed there for three hours
Listening to birds as they sing their songs
Then I heard a lovely voice
I’m not sure, but I think it was yours.

We went to the same place
Where we first said sweet thoughts
Oh, the memories flooded my heart
Yet I can’t remember a single one.

You said goodbye and never returned
I stayed there for more than three hours
I don’t know how long, but I stayed longer
Until I get tired, but I can’t remember.

I realized, we’ve been to so many places
But now that you’re gone, I say,
I’ve never been to places
I’ve always been to.