For My Eyes Only

i stared at you
    that’s how we met
     that’s how i greet
      that’s how we split



Last Song Syndrome

You argue that Taylor Swift’s music is bad
That it talks about love’s superficiality
Or the lack of love at all.

You allege her of hooking up with random guys
Just so she can write a new hit song
And infest her listeners’ minds with nothing.

You say she’s a harlot seducing people
Just so she can play with money and fame
Or boys, or love, or superficiality.

I wonder why you sing her songs
Maybe because you’re tamed
Or you’ve realized your love story’s worse than hers.

55m High

I’m lucky I’m afraid of heights
Because if I want to die
I’ll avoid jumping from tall buildings
Or any high places.


I’m afraid of heights
And I shy away from buildings 55m high
Yet I still fall
And I still die.