How much I hate
The semi-colon,
Unless when enumerating seemingly endless thoughts.

I’m a lover, a loyal one,
Of the long dash, emdash, they call it,
Moment, I name it.

It breaks and completes a thought
It strengthens or weakens an idea
The emdash is such an enigma.

So, for a semi-colon to say this:
“I love you; that’s why I’m leaving you.”
Is blurry as it needs a short pause, as a comma or a period.

Whereas, for an emdash to say this:
“I love you—that’s why I’m leaving you.”
Is complete, continuous—though it breaks something.




They say being a man
Means being strong.

Well, that’s the root
Of the problem:
People think men
Are stong
That’s why men
Think they are.