Top Eight Outsourcing Sites in the Philippines

  1. Metro Manila

Metro Manila tops the list because it is the Philippines’ main hub for commercial, industrial, educational and government institutions. Metro Manila is very notable for its outsourcing industry as it has a high number of services from finance and accounting outsourced (FAO) to information technology outsourcing (ITO) and other knowledge processes outsourcing (KPO). Metro Manila is very accessible, has skilled, trained and college-graduated workforce and most importantly, outsourcing agents here can handle complex processes as the skills they have are very diversed.

  1. Cebu City

Cebu City is the Philippines’ second Metro City. No wonder why it’s included in the list. Aside from its strategic location in the Visayas region, Cebu City offers globally competitive English speakers as outsourcing agents, be it voice or non-voice operators. Cebu is leading when it comes to IT and manufacturing investment services.

  1. Davao City

Davao City is the counterpart of Metro Manila and Cebu City in the Mindanao Region. Second to Cebu City, Davao City is also leading in Information and Communications Technology and Infrastructure outsourcing services. The cost of doing business in Davao City is also cheap but it offers talented and dedicated workforce. Take note, Davao City is also one of the safest cities in the Philippines. That’s a plus!

  1. Clark, Pampanga

Clark is a Special Economic Zone wherein businesses here enjoy tax incentives that’s why it is a good location for foreign outsourcers. Only 5% corporate income tax is being collected and that’s a large savings! Aside from 4-8 year income tax holiday offered by Clark, 100% foreign ownership and company control is possible here. Aside from the economical stability offered by Clark for outsourcers, Clark is a safe place as the Philippines Air Force Base is located here.

  1. Rosa, Laguna

Sta. Rosa, Laguna is just an hour away from Metro Manila. This humble town is slowly attracting outsourcing industries as it has the potential of becoming the next Information Technology hub in Southern Luzon.

  1. Bacolod City

Bacolod City offers great development opportunities to outsourcing companies. Aside from lower cost of operations here, the real estate in the city is slowly booming. This is a good sign for outsourcers because this opens better quality of different services not only for the business but this would also attract more full-time outsourcers. Also, Bacolod also leads in English Language Centers where people are trained to become skilled English speakers.

  1. Iloilo City

Just like Bacolod City, Iloilo is another emerging outsourcing hub in the Visayas region. The workforce in Iloilo is highly trained and college degree holders. The cost of living in the city is also cheaper compared to other outsourcing hubs. The local government here highly supports BPOs so outsourcers can expect fast and reliable transactions when you’re in need of any government applications or services.

  1. Baguio City

As Baguio City is the Philippines’ top summer destination, its economy is really booming. A booming economy means better services for the people and the business sector. Baguio City also offers skilled outsourcing agents as the natives here are good in speaking in English. Also, training center for English speakers can be spotted everywhere. The BPO industry in Baguio City receives great support from the local government as it is one of the economic drivers for the city’s booming economy.


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