Skype’s Surprising Search Bar

For Skype users, did you know that the Search Bar in your toolbar can be used in so many ways?

For Mac users, here are just some things you can find using the Search Bar:

  1. Search for your contacts and groups
  2. Search for specific words in your current conversation
  3. Search for specific words in all of your conversations
  4. Add contacts from the Skype Directory
  5. Make mobile and landline calls

To use the Search Bar, simply type in the bar and a drop-down menu button will appear. From the options there, you can choose the action you want to do with what you have typed. For example, if you want to call someone, you can just type his mobile number in the Search Bar and the drop-down menu will appear and you can just instantly click the “Call” option! Isn’t that very easy and convenient?

On the other hand, for Windows users, you can search for a specific word or phrase in your current conversation. Simply go to the Conversation menu in the toolbar, click Find and type the word you want to find. For a short-cut, you can just type Ctrl + F.

Another great feature for Windows users is that you can search for any transferred file even if those files were sent a long time ago! For those users who often send files through Skype, it is easier to search your files in the Search Bar instead of scrolling long in your conversation just to find the file. To do this, just click Files Sent and Received in the View Menu. You will see there the list of your most recent conversations showing the files which were recently transferred. With that, you can now go type in the Search Bar the name of the transferred file! Isn’t that time-saving and very practical?

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