Safety and security are vital parts of a business’ success. When your business is secure and safe, you’re not only protecting your assets but most importantly, it safeguards your clients and employees.

AA2000 is the country’s leading security and safety solutions provider. It has been in the industry for a decade now and still continues to give its clients the safety and security details they prefer. AA2000’s expertise in giving security and safety consultations makes them the most reliable and most credible in the industry.

AA2000 offers various security and safety details that suits your business’ needs. The company does not only deliver the security and safety features that you want but also design, install, monitor and manage the latest security technology solutions for your business. Take note, AA2000 delivers security and safety solutions, not just products.

AA2000 offers the following effective and reliable security and safety solutions for your business:

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Security System
  • Access Control and Intercom System
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Alarm System
  • Security Maintenance Programs
  • Security Consulting and Design
  • Time Management System
  • X-Ray, Metal Detector and Walkthrough System
  • IP Security Systems
  • Room Alert Monitoring System

AA2000 is undeniably one of the best safety and security technology provider in the country. The company sources their products from trusted retailers. AA2000 gives free visit in your business premises and facilities to give you a professional security advice that you might need. All quotes given are subjected to a Price Promise Policy: find a cheaper quote with the same product specification, and the company will beat or match it!

AA2000 does not leave any clients hanging. The company’s service is great! AA2000 gives effective security and safety measures; offers custom security details that match your company’s business model and requirements; fast and efficient in setting up the products; offers product maintenance; ready to answer your queries through its website and social media accounts; and,  gives up-to-date suggestions to further improve your business’ security and safety technology.

AA2000 wants your business competitive while making it safer and more secured.


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