Lie Tiers by Ian Carlo Jaucian (2015; oil on canvas)

I sink into you
Every time I hug your puny being, Son.

Inside, I can feel the innocent beating of your heart,
Like a military drum only used during ceremonies, not war.

Within you there’s nothing but purity
Of thoughts, feelings, and doubts–even your fears are white.

I relish the every breath that you take,
That when you exhale, you mystify your presence.

This mystery of your life bothers me, Son,
So I always ask you to tell stories when we’re together.

I envy your uninterrupted thoughts and vivid narrations,
If only I can visit your stream of consciousness.

For now that words limit your world and how you see it,
I will sate myself sinking into your feelings.

I will never drown here not because you are shallow
But because within you, I can swim.

Without you, I cannot.
So please, so long as you’re possible, yet impossible, let me stay close to you.

When you’re over and have reached my fate,
Ask me questions and I’ll answer how to be you, Son.



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