A Night So Normal

From the Superficial Gazette of the Philippines

The equinox scoots
Over the tropical nation,
Giving the night an edge
Over the imposing daylight.

The pesky heat of the Pacific sun
Is stooped by the unforgiving breeze,
Sifting through the nation
As if a hero demanding a vibrant welcome.

The Siberian wind chills the evening
That is longer, that is stronger–
Just what folks need the most,
A comforting weather to hem them to sleep.

And others sleep for good,
The sunlight is no more–
The equinox snatched them quick,
The breeze shushed those who speak.

The summer scent is still there
For those who stay, who fight;
But pals who said goodbye,
Do so with hapless sigh.

For my President, Miriam Defensor Santiago


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