To Answer My Liebster Award Questions

Angel nominated me for the Liebster Award and with that, I thank you. I’ll answer your questions to “repay” your nomination. Haha. Sorry if I will not follow the rules of nominating other bloggers.

  • Who do you usually think about? Why are you always thinking about him/her?

I always think about my next girlfriend. I’m thinking what would be her looks, her personality, where I might find her, or if she will become my future wife. Such things. I guess it’s the 20+ jitters that one feels when he/she is still single. But I’m just 22, still young to worry about my love life!

  • What/Who makes you wake up?

My alarm clock always wakes me up. But sometimes, my cats solicitously do what my cellphone should be doing–only physical. Like suddenly landing on my chest; biting my leg; or “massaging” my abdomen.

  • Take the Kinsey Scale test here. What did you get? Do you agree with it? Why or why not?

(0) Heterosexual. Yes, I agree with it. The questions are so in-your-face I already know the result even before finishing the test. Or I just really know that I’m a heterosexual.

  • Are you more extraverted, or introverted? How does this affect the people around you?

I’m introverted. Sometimes they misinterpret my silence as a form of rudeness. In fact, if not dismissive, I’m just really shy. Even my family is not safe from my usual unsociable self. But if I’m in the mood, I am more than willing to lengthen any good conversation.

  • What kind of personalities do you find repulsive?

Those people who think so full of themselves. Yes, one can be confident but it should come with modesty. I hate those who appear to be expert in certain matters when in fact, they don’t even know how to substantiate when talking about their opinions or their versions of truth. On social media alone, those keyboard warriors think they’re better than anyone else. God, I hate their ignorant virtues! Intelligence should always commit to basis, reasoning, and understanding, not to blustering.

  • What is your most memorable escapade? Why?

My recent Intramuros escapade with my family. I was just so happy to see my parents enjoying their day.

  • What object do you value the most? Why?

My books. They are a good investment not financially but emotionally, spiritually, morally, socially, intellectually, and all.

  • Is there a movie that gave you some unexpected kind of epiphany? What is that movie?


  • What is the last movie/TV show that you’ve watched? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?

The last movie I’ve watched is “Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid.” I didn’t enjoy it as it was unpredictable and the story is so questionable, of course. Anyway, I’ve just watched it for the sake of watching it.

  • Tell something to your 17-yr. old self.

Hi, my 17-year-old self. There would be hard times coming your way. It’s so hard that you’ll be destroyed for the first time in your life. Don’t falter, though. Meet those hard times head on. They will teach you a valuable life lesson even though they’ll leave you shattered for a long time. So my 17-year-old self, enjoy your life now before you turn into someone you never thought you’d be.

  • How are you doing, today?

My life is uneventful but I’m doing good. I’m a common corporate slave, should you ask.


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