Bisaya, Bay

An Outdated Political Rant

Chicanery is everywhere and a lot of people are accepting it. I’m so lucky to always misinterpret the incoming president’s statements. I’m more than lucky to always understand him out of context. Otherwise, my opinions would be branded as apologia.

The recent statements of Duterte about media killings stirred the nation. It disturbed the standards of the society that all of a sudden, a surge of media literate individuals surfaced in social media. You know, those omnipotent netizens who are experts in so many aspects of life–politics, governance, religion, and all the other hard words. They are so wise they can even give you your own opinions.

Tonight and last night, I’ve read two Facebook posts from two different people explaining Duterte’s way of talking. They say that his frankness is nothing but a cultural difference. That him being Bisaya is the reason why he speaks without reservations. That Tagalogs are onion-skinned people, the reason why they can’t accept harsh words. That we Filipinos, if we wish to understand his context, should adjust to his “culture.” Aside from being purely regionalist, those statements lack foundation at all. I thought Duterte will become a unitive president? Then what the heck is this Bisaya reasoning?

Cultural differences cannot justify something that’s bad. When abroad, would you use culture as your defense when you’ve done something offensive?

“Oops! I’m so sorry that I’ved touched your wife’s hands because in our country, pagmamano is a sign of respect.”

“I will never say sorry just because you’re offended. In the Philippines, it’s okay to talk about our salaries.”

“No way! My kababayans will judge me if they learned that you did not even court me.”

“If you don’t have anything good to say about our karaoke party, just shut up! We’re just having a fun time singing here.”

See? We cannot use culture as a reason to justify something. There are many cultures in the world and with it comes differences–of course. Such diversity should not divide us. Cultural differences demand understanding that’s why using it to defend one’s ways is not helpful at all. I hope some of his supporters would become more reasonable when it comes to their “reasons.”

Don’t be an apologist just so you support a guy. Be a critic who knows what he/she says. Be an objective supporter who knows when to draw the line. Unless you’re a Bisaya and a Duterte die-hard, then shut up na lang ako for a while.



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