A Crime of Memories


Upside Down by Kendall Colindon

We were a dance;
A pas de bourree
Passe releve.

An anomaly of movements
That speak of emotions
And envelops depth.

We were a ballet
Of a battement of love
And a pirouette of longing.

We were an art
Of sashaying kisses
And bleeding lust.

A pointe of a moment
Where our tryst
Is a snap in time.

We were a chasse,
A broken one,
Yet moving.

An ecstatic strut
In a fading ballroom
Of feelings and patterns.

We were there,
Like the flamboyant dancers that we are,
Or are we?

We were a hapless motion
Of far kisses and forlorn stares;
Of hugs that end in distance.

We were a planet
Of a blooming past;
A crime of memories.


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