Mt. Tagapo Photo Dump








This is my first official (completed) hiking experience. Well, my first hike was not that so fruitful since we weren’t able to reach the summit. Anyway, Mt. Tagapo is one fairly easy hike but it’s tiring given that the trail is mostly uphill. The ascent took us almost two hours to finish since it’s really challenging to drag yourself up. Or maybe our legs simply hurt. Thank you to those bamboos that gave us some shade. And to Kuya’s inviting smile saying, “We’re almost there.”

At the base camp, the warm breeze will greet you. And so is the scorching heat of the sun. What would we expect? We’re there at high noon. There, we ate our lunch, took our rest, and just soaked it all in. The hike to the summit is challenging, too, as the trail is steep. While ascending, the view will leave you speechless. Of course, is there a time to speak when you’re chasing your breath?

Atop the mountain is where satisfaction lies. The 360-degree view from there is purely majestic.

I can see the placid beauty of the Laguna de Bay as if inviting me to go down now. But not just yet. Mt. Sembrano stands from afar, maybe tempting me to take its tracks, too. But for now, I’m in love with Mt. Tagapo. Far beyond, I can see the cityscape, the flickering lights a sign of a distant life. Oh, the birds are the welcoming committee of the summit, I guess. Their presence marks the fact that I’m just a visitor in this wonderful place. The horizon, the greens, the blue sky, and the inviting breeze–this is life. Albeit transient, the experience is invigorating.

Mt. Tagapo, thank you for caging me in the freedom you offer.

Check the travel guide here.


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