Creative Blogger Award

I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award by a Pokemon Master! Thank you, Jen Frias (I’m assuming that’s your name)! Here’s a Lotad for you:

Official Rules:

Nominate your top 10 blogs
Notify them by social media and WordPress and their links
List 5 facts about yourself
List the rules

I’m nominating these wonderful WordPress blogs. They’re not actually required to follow the award rules but I just want to send a shout-out that I’m a fan of their blogs. I appreciate all your hard work and creative juices. I love your blogs! Please continue sharing your creativity with the world!

Five Facts About Myself:

1. I am a cat lover.

"If I fits, I sits."

“If I fits, I sits.”

2. One of my favorite authors is Anne Tyler. Her novels talk about mid-life crisis, family issues and marriage—obviously I’m not the target audience. I love her descriptive writing style, it brings me to the story, not just to the book.

3. I am a fan of Adventure Time! I hate Tree Trunks, though.

4. My blog is named Naked Ideation because when we ponder, we undress ourselves.

5. I’m not a smartphone user. I’m still with my Samsung Champ. It’s so old you can’t find it on Samsung’s website anymore.


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