‘Writing While Sleeping’

Time is something that should be snatched,
Not something that should be stashed.

This line came from my dream. Yes, that could happen. I’ve immediately saved it when I woke up because I know dreams easily drift away. And they never come back. I’ve also dreamt of writing a long poem before but because it’s too long, I can’t remember that beautiful literature. This is just the second time I have this “literary” dream but in both dreams, I was in front of the classroom reciting and writing my piece. Maybe I should get more sleep.



3 thoughts on “‘Writing While Sleeping’

  1. these days i have frequent dreams where i am reading (aloud) beautiful words, words that i thought were written by my favorite writers but when I wake up, i couldn’t grasp those words. I just knew they were beautiful enough to catch my attention.

    good for you to be able to write those!

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