A Self-Centered Essay

I hated pencils when I was in Grade Three because I thought they were failed ballpens. I envied those ballpen-user Grade Six students back then because they do not write with pencils. I think ballpens are for writers and pencils are for pre-schoolers. And, my mind says, I am a writer.

When it was my turn to write using a ballpen, I realized, it’s not the pen that defines a writer but the way he plays with the ink—that carries his thoughts and kisses it to the paper. Now, I don’t care if I write with a perfectly nibbled Mongol No. 2 (which is indeed yummy and crunchy) or a Panda ballpen suffering from diarrhea.

With the might of my ballpen, I joined my elementary school’s newsletter, Ang Landas. I started as a Staff Writer but graduated as a Managing Editor. Here, I learned all the basic principles in writing news, features and editorials. One of the highlights of my stay here is when I was chosen as the school representative for the Pagsulat ng Balita (News Writing) in the National Schools Press Conference, Manila Division. Though I did not win, I gained an amazing experience.

I am socially-aware as early as 2001! In fact, as I remember, the very first news that I have watched and understood was the People Power II. I can still narrate its highlights up to now. When I was still a kid, I’m watching the nightly news as I play with my toys. I think that’s the reason why I was inclined to writing. From then on, it was hinged on my mind that I would become a journalist.

I was not lucky enough to become a part of my high school’s newsletter. Instead, I just joined the Debate Circle. Here, I honed my skills as a public speaker but I made sure that my first love was not set aside. As I trained for debate, I still write essays for my subjects and for my own satisfaction. In fact, my Filipino adviser chose me to become the school representative for Pagsulat ng Sanaysay (Essay Writing) in the university’s Academic Contest. Though I did not win, I gained an amazing experience.

It is during my high school that I sealed the deal for my future—I would take Journalism in college. It is my dream. Even before I can understand the meaning of love, I think I was in love with papers and pens. I love the aroma of newly-bought pad papers. I love the scent of a ballpen’s ink. I don’t know if smelling school supplies is addictive but I know that dreaming to become a writer would really bring me to somewhere high.

I have faced all the challenges college has offered. I struggled, but I am the victor. Here, I was able to discover myself and realized that writers write, for real. I have written tons of articles from news, features, opinions, business and even science and technology. I was successful in giving birth to different case studies and our thesis! I have also improved in public speaking because when I joined the college’s public speaking organization, I was chosen to become the college’s representative who would compete in the university’s Dagliang Talumpati (Impromptu Speaking) competition. Though I did not win, I gained an amazing experience.

I also ventured in freelance writing in the now becoming famous 199jobs where I write to earn and to hone my technical and content writing skills as well. In college, I was able to experience the real feel of being in the media industry as I was an intern and correspondent of the Manila Standard Today. I’m really in for this job and I am ready to face the real world now! There’s so many things that I have experienced during college that I do not even consider myself a writer. I’m a writest. (Pun intended).

I’m a writer slowly inching his way to become a media personnel. I’m a writer doing my best to be better than my best. I am an observant writer imagining myself in the dirty world of media. I now fully realize that being a writer is not about making stories, it’s about building connections with different kinds of people. I will win and that’s an amazing experience.



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