Top Ten Books that Changed my Life

Thank you Louise Mosqueda for tagging me! I am accepting the challenge to list down ten books that have influenced my life:

The Best of Philippine Ghost Stories (Published by PSICOM) — I learned that White Ladies are only scary during night time. It’s awkward when ghosts try to scare you while you’re watching Be Careful with My Heart or The Ryzza Mae Show. Stupid ghosts.

One Direction: Where We Are: Our Band, Our Story: 100% Official by One Direction — I learned how music can be so depressing. It made me appreciate nursery rhymes once again. 

Precious Hearts Romances: Sa Dulo ng Bahaghari Series by Maureen Apilado — I learned that a Haciendera can fall in love with a Hardinero. Look at Manny Villar.

Takipsilim (Filipino Version of Twilight) by Stephenie Meyer — I learned that using Taglish is (like) so awkward like when Bella said this: “May tatlong bagay na siguradong-sigurado na ako ngayon. Una, si Edward ay isang bampira. Pangalawa, mayroong bahagi sa kanya—at hindi ko alam kung gaano kalakas ang bahaging iyon—na nauuhaw sa aking dugo. At pangatlo, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.” Emphasis on “bahagi”.

My Life with my brother, Rudy Fernandez (Daboy) by Marie Fernandez — I learned that Daboy has a sister—Dagirl.

Juan Ponce Enrile: A Memoir by Juan Ponce Enrile –– I learned that our oldest senator helped Noah build the ark and demanded 50% commission from God. God was so disappointed he turned the guy into a pig. I also learned that Juan Ponce Enrile is the inspiration for Rapunzel.

Confessions of a D.O.M. by Gary Lising — I learned that Gary Lising is still alive.

Algebra: A Simplified Approach by F.M. Capitulo — I learned that expressing your emotions through Algebra is the best thing ever. Love is like Lie derivative because it evaluates the change of a tensor field (including scalar function, vector field and one-form), along the flow of another vector field. Love is really complicated but howerver fucked up it is, there’s always an answer. Hope you get it right!

A History of South Africa by Leonard Thompson — I learned that there’s a place in South Africa called Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein.

She’s Dating the Gangster by Bianca Bernardino — I learned that the youth is really the hope of our future.

I love these books so much. We’re so lucky the Spanish friars are not here anymore to burn these books.



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