My Favorite Berso sa Metro



I just wanna share my favorite poem in the series Berso sa Metro. Berso sa Metro is a reading campaign spearheaded by Instituto de Cervantes of Manila in cooperation with the Fil-Hispanic Friendship Day Committee, National Historical Institute (NHI), Light Rail Transit (LRT) and Metro Rail Transit (MRT).

The group posted poems by Filipino and Spanish poets on the walls of LRT and MRT trains. It’s a great idea to do such thing in a place where time flies so fast; where busy people rush to go to places; where hectic schedules deprive the commuters from simple joys; and, where people try to live their lives yet they forget to be happy.

Reading the poems would let you think for a moment. It would let you remember of things you have long forgotten–love, faith, friendship, quality time and reading itself.

Here’s the poem in the original Spanish version and translated versions in Filipino and English:


Si El Hombre Pudiera Decir Lo Que Ama
Luis Cernuda

Tú justificas mi existencia:
si no te conozco, no he vivido;
si muero sin conocerte, no muero, porque no he vivido.

(Click here for the complete version.)


Ikaw ang dahilan kung bakit ako nandirito,
kung ‘di kita nakilala, ‘di sana ako nabuhay.
Kung ako’y mamamatay nang ‘di kita nakilala,
hindi ako mamamatay dahil hindi ako nabuhay.

(If you understand Filipino, you’ll definitely love this version. The words are so sweet and catchy. It stays with you even if you alighted the train early.)


If A Man Could Say What He Loves

You justify my existence:
if I do not meet you, I haven’t lived;
if I die without meeting you, I don’t die, because I haven’t


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