Pointless Writing

Sometimes I think that poetry is an escape for those writers who cannot or too tired to express their thoughts or emotions through essays.


Of course, for your piece to be considered an essay, you must’ve fulfilled its elements. First, there should be an engaging introductory paragraph or if you’re really out of words, an enticing quotation. This part of your essay is crucial since this is the part where your readers will decide if your article is worth reading or not. Next to the introductory paragraph is the lengthy body. The thing with the essay’s body is that you need to explain your thought in a way that is far more engaging and interesting than the preceding paragraph. Well, whatever your writing style is, you need to explain what you have to explain. Explain it quick, concise and gracefully. The last element for your essay is the closing paragraph or conclusion. This is where you wrap up all the things you said and wrap up all the things you never mentioned. Whether you gave a conclusion or not, we will call it the closing paragraph. Close it with finesse just as you started your essay with glamour.

Sometimes I think that essay is an escape for those writers who cannot or too tired to express their thoughts or emotions through poetry.


Are there elements in poetry? Unless you’re a conservative literary critic who thinks that rhyme, meter and tone are the lifeline of a poem, there’s naught. Whether you’re a hardcore (those who write because they’re compelled to write) or seasonal (those who write because they’re consumed by an extreme emotion) poet, your poem needs these—symbolism and emotion. Symbolism is needed because you want the thought to be left in vain yet drenched in meaning—deep or unreachable. Emotion is vital because you want your words to be alive and stoke all other hidden and unrecognized thoughts in your piece.

Sometimes I think I’m just trying to contradict these two. Initially, there’s no point in writing this article. Better yet end this one with an innocent haiku:

Words are foes of thoughts
Words are foes of emotions
Essays, Poems—all foes.

POINT: This is how writers fail. We start with a point, insert another point and kill the point at all.


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