Love in the Middle of Memories

The sweetness of that creme brulee you
Ordered is still lingering in my mouth—
Just like when you first kissed me,
It took me almost an eternity to forget that.

The restaurant was about to close when we left
I will miss the soft cushion there
But what I will miss the most is your arms
That wrapped me and made me calm, safe and ecstatic.

Hesitantly, I lead the way to the cab terminal
I didn’t hold your left hand this time
Because my hands are shaking—I am shaking
Not because of the night breeze, but because of emptiness.

You’re by my side, yet you’re miles away
This short distance between you and me
Is so far I can’t get close to you—
You’re leaving me now, what am I supposed to do?

As you bid your last farewell, I cried.
Just like that, and it’s over—
We choose the people we hurt
But not the people we love.

I came back to that restaurant again
The cushion is still soft
The creme brulee is still sweet
The only thing that changed is the way I sit and eat.

From Cafe Ysabel with love…


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