Love Letter



How are you? Are you doing good? Oh, of course not. I’m asking you that question so I will sound friendly. I am friendly even if I hurt you. I know you’re not doing good. I will not say sorry that I hurt you. Sometime in your life, you will be in pain. And that sometime is here today.

I remember those days where you float up in the air because of happiness. Do you remember that time when you were dumbfounded with sweet long hugs and short nice kisses? How about the times when you see every day as the best day of your life even if something bad really happened to you? I thank you for appreciating me as a gift from up above and sorry for making you down over and over again. Oh, those were the days when you thought I am the only thing you could hold on to. The only thing that you could hold on tight but I carried you down to the pit of agony.

You’re now drowning in tears. Loneliness hugs you every time you open your eyes. I hate to see it that when you smile, you fake it. You’re sad because of me but that does not make me bad. You know, just as people deserve to be happy, they deserve to be in pain too. Look at you now, you’re weak right now. You want to stay in your bed. You’re drinking beer now as if it’s your holy water that will cleanse your heart. You’re ugly. But that’s normal. It’s this phase of your life that you’ll see your beautiful self. In some way, be thankful that you’re lonely. This is the first time you appreciated your ugly side.

Tomorrow, or the next day, or next week maybe. I don’t know when, but I assure you, when you open your eyes and try to see the world through pain, you will realize its true meaning that happiness can’t even show you. You will find me again and I will not turn you down. We will be friends again though I know you didn’t consider me as an enemy. I promise to make you happy again but I assure you, you’ll be hurt for a million times too. The painful things that made you cry are the things that will make you wiser. Oh, you can be stupid sometimes but only if it’s worth the pain. If the day will come that you accept me once more, expect more painful moments from me. But I know that by that time, you’re a better person already. You can see happiness in pain. You can see beauty in every stupid things you do. That’s just how life goes on.

By that time, you can see my true essence.






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