It’s Okay to Be Sad

If you’re lonely, be sad. If you’re in pain, cry. You know, just like happiness, sadness is an emotion too. A human emotion that is misunderstood and underrated. Just like happiness, sadness is something that should be felt, not hidden.

I hate it when people say, “Don’t be sad.” When someone’s sad, just let him feel the sadness. Emotions should not be discriminated. What’s wrong with being sad? Being sad is being real. Being sad is being true to one’s self. Sadness is just a normal thing. Sadness is no different from hapiness. The only thing that makes sadness unappreciated is the pain it inflicts to us.

Of course, nobody wants to be in pain. All of us think that pain is an enemy to our mind, heart and soul. But you know what, even if you think that pain is a bad thing, it’s what’s making you alive. Pain is life’s constant companion. If you’re sad and you decided to ignore the idea of sadness and pretended to be happy, you’re inflicting yourself in so much pain. If you’re sad and you followed the “Don’t be sad” thinking, you’re putting yourself in ‘pain’.

Sadness and pain, they are partners. If you’re in pain, don’t deny it. If you’re sad, don’t pretend to be happy. To fully understand the meaning of happiness, one should get a sense of how pain and sadness work. Sadness is the foundation of smile. Without sadness, your smile would be meaningless. The reason of your smile is not happiness but the idea that you were sad once and you will be sad again for many times but that’s alright because you can face it without pretensions or denial.

Pain, on the other hand, is the foundation of happiness. Just like what other people say, before you can be happy and contented in your life, you should have experienced pain along the way. Pain is like the measure of your strength. The more painful your experiences are, the stronger your grip becomes.

Be sad! Be in pain! You will never know what tomorrow can offer you. Happiness? Pain? Sadness? Who cares? They’re all the same.


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