An Owl’s Note

I’ve snatched a little part of time to write something today since I wasn’t able to post for the past few days because I’m already working. Yes, I’m working on night shift and my body is still adjusting. I’m too tired to use the computer because in my work, I’m in front of the computer for more than eight hours.

Let me talk about Night Shift or Graveyard Shift (GS). GS is really a game changer for my body. My first work is really challenging due to this. My life before work was heaven. I sleep late at night, I wake up at around 11AM, eat lunch, watch TV, take a nap and surf the internet. That was a laid-back lifestyle. But now, I go to work at 11PM and finish a more than eight hour duty and sleep at around 9AM. I will wake up at around 5PM, eat my meal, watch TV or surf the internet and go to work again. Wow! My life really changed. Although I’m still adjusting, I think I can do this and won’t have any problem soon.

During Night Shift, I’m awake (and yawning) while everybody else are sleeping (and snoring). The streets are quiet, there’s no traffic and the Night Owls are active. I see the stores close its windows and it’s the security guard’s start of duty. I see the jeepneys park to the side streets and it’s the driver’s start of rest. I see the call center agents rush to work; the balut vendors set up their stalls; the gasoline boys fill up tanks; the taxi drivers start their engines; the fastfood’s service crews receive orders; the truck drivers deliver their goods; bar girls put on their make-ups; bar-goers order beers; barangay tanods roam the streets; and, maybe, snatchers and pickpockets crack their knuckles.

The Sun sets and some people just ended their day. The Moon rises and other people just started their day. Night Shift, after all, is full of life amid the silence and darkness. You see people staying late up at night just for their family. You see people keep their eyes open just for the safety of other people.  You see people serving other people who just ended or started their days.


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