Celebrity Bluff is Hearty Laugh

When Celebrity Bluff first aired on GMA, I watched it and got hooked to it since then. The comedy-game show’s format was fresh, I guess. I’ve never watched any other game show with the same format as Celebrity Bluff. Aside from its unique format, it’s also educational and most of all, funny.

Whenever I watch Celebrity Bluff, I laugh. I laugh hard. I love the randomness of the comedy they offer. I love the way they make simple things hilarious. I love the way they bluff the contestants. The game show’s comedians are great and engaging! The comedians are the heart of this game show. It’s not the prize that’s important, it’s the laughter and cheers.

The host is the award-winning actress-comedienne Eugene Domingo. She’s like the moderator of the show where, of course, she’s doing the usual host duties like explaining the game’s mechanics, interviewing the contestants, asking the questions and talking to the bluffers. Aside from her host duties, she’s also interacting with the bluffers. She cracks jokes with them, participate in the bluffers’ trips and she’s acting like a helping hand and side kick of the bluffers so that they can deliver their punch lines well. She’s helping the contestants to choose the right answer while playing with the witty and silly bluffers.

The show’s regular bluffer is comedian-host Jose Manalo. Jose and Eugene have a love team called JoGe and their love was born in this game show. Well, of course, their love affair is just staged and they’re banking on that to have some focus on their comedy acts. You know, Filipinos like watching romantic moments, so there they are. But they are not your usual couple since they also hit each other with hard jokes.  Jose is a stand-up comedian and his jokes are really funny. His jokes depend on how his contestants interact with him and I love the randomness of his acts.

Aside from Jose, there are two other guest bluffers. Sometimes, it’s Boobay, a stand-up comedian whose jokes and acts are really hilarious. You can see him impersonating different personalities every week. He’s also the center of Jose’s slapstick acts so it’s really funny when his wig fell off or he himself fell off. Another guest bluffer is singer-comedienne Gladys Guevarra who often comes as Chuchay where she acts like a witty and playful kid. Oftentimes, she shares stories and that’s how she delivers her punchlines. Another guest bluffer, whose almost a mainstay already, is the genius writer-comedian Brod Pete. His jokes are witty, intellectual, unique, on-the-spot and really funny. His sense of humor is great as seen on the way he present his unique punchlines.

There’s a bunch of unique comedians in this game show. They are all unique so when they’re together, their acts and punchlines are the funniest that you could hear. They are the ones making this show full of fun. No wonder why this game show is award winning, top rating and always trending. Celebrity Bluff’s randomness and spontaneity made this comedy-game show a household favorite. Celebrity Bluff is the stress-buster of those people who just came from work; students who are stressed from school; and, ordinary viewers who want to learn something new while having a hearty laugh.


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