Pet Lovers are Crazy People

My seatmate inside the jeepney earlier was a Lola (Grandmother). As I sit down beside her, I heard her murmuring while staring inside the plastic bag she’s holding. I noticed, there was a kitten inside the plastic and she was petting and talking to it like a baby. Other passengers are staring at her. At first, I thought Lola was mentally-ill since it’s common to have mentally-ill people in that route who are going to the National Center for Mental Health (NCMH). Her hands were a bit dirty too and she had paintmarks in her ears and face.

She’s not mentally-ill because she did not alight at NCMH. Also, I saw her receipts from some items she bought. Maybe, our co-passengers thought she was “crazy” but she’s not. She’s a “Crazy Cat Lady”. She loves kittens, that’s for sure. I guess she just rescued the kitten somewhere since it’s just placed inside a plastic bag. I adored her immediately because I love cats too. I love the idea that she rescued that kitten somewhere. I love seeing her talking to the kitten even if other passengers are judging her. I even saw her sticking her tongue out in front of the kitten because it was crying and noisy. That was a cute moment. She’s a “Crazy Cat Lady!” She rocks!

I talk to my cat too. I talk to him when I miss him after days of not appearing in our house; when I scold him because he bit me for no reason or he snatch some fish; when I want to play with him; or, when I just feel like talking to him. Other people find this gesture weird but it’s purely normal for animal lovers to talk to their pets. I guess what’s weird is when gardeners or hobbyists talk to their plants. But I’m not judging them because I find that weird but cute.

Animal lovers are caring persons. They are affectionate, compassionate and calm. You will see them caressing their pets, that’s friendship. You will see them talking with their pets, that’s belongingness. Everything they do with their pets is love. So, the next time you see someone acting “weird” with their pet, they’re not mentally-ill, just crazy in love.


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