My Dream Story

Adventure time, 
C’mon, grab your friends, 
We’ll go to very distant Lands 
With Jake the Dog, 
And Finn the Human, 
The Adventures’ll never end, 
It’s Adventure Time!

Adventure Time is my favorite cartoon because it reminds me of one of my dreams–to write something about adventures. Since I was a kid, I imagine meeting different people with different abilities coming from different places and sharing different stories. Maybe that’s why I’m a people watcher now. I would love to write a story, I don’t know if it would be a novel, about exactly what Adventure Time is. I guess, Adventure Time really nailed my dream!

I love Adventure Time’s randomness. I love that there are different kingdoms. I love that there are good and bad wizards and magicians. I love that there are many random and cute characters! I love its cuteness and awesomeness! I simple love this cartoon because of the adventures and, well, because of its weirdness.

Seriously, one of my dreams is to write a story about something like this: Narnia + Adventure Time + X-Men. Narnia because like Adventure Time, it has various characters and there are kingdoms too! X-Men because of the powers of the mutants. Well, yes, I’m amazed with mutants. I want to become one of them, if given the chance. Ha!

The closest I got to my dream was when I made a sketch of a map (with drawings) of the possible location of my story. I’ve jotted there the kingdoms, species and possible characters! I don’t know where’s that sketch! The only kingdom I remember is the Deddenu Kingdom. I don’t know what it is.

I hope that I can do this story. I would love to meet my possible characters. I would love to stay at their places. I would love to saw their magic and cuteness. I would love to see its randomness.


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