Staggered Continuity

It was yesterday when the sirens of the policemen aired.

They thought it was just another case of hatred

Where people accuse their neighbors as weird

Just because they speak a language that put color to what they’ve said.

The men in uniforms came to stop the fight

But they were surprised when people are just talking about the night.

They’re planning to catch the moon amid its great height,

Erase it of all its marks to make it clearer than light.

The policemen laughed and said, “All of you’ve gone mad!

The moon is not an item that you can get just like that.

Even if all of you offered your blood

The moon will not be nestled by a single hand.”

The crowd answered, “It’s not the moon that we desire

But all of its marks that we cannot admire.

These parts of the moon deserve to die

Because when we see the marks, all of us cry.”

“Don’t bother the moon,” said the policemen.

“The moon is just like a human.

We have marks of something that’s long gone,

They’re painful and sad but those are the memories of all the thing’s we’ve done.”

“We don’t want to remember them

Because they’ve caused as harm.”

Answered the crowd that’s starting to frown

They’re confused, sad and all are looking down.

“Look at the moon, despite its marks, it’s still beautiful

In darkness we see it although not colorful

Like the moon, in life, we shouldn’t erase the past that’s painful

We just need to keep it and to ourselves be truthful.”

Then the policemen leave the crowd

And the neighborhood was talking loud

“The policemen are stupid but we are wowed.

We are stupider but we are proud.”


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