Online NBI Clearance Application: A Failure

NOTE: I believe there’s a new process for an online NBI Clearance application now. The process stated below is NBI’s first attempt with online application so it’s evidently poor. I hope (and I believe) that the new process is better.

I applied online for an NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) Clearance. NBI boasted in the media that through online application, the clearance process would become faster, more effective and more efficient. I also thought that that was the case since getting an NBI Clearance in their Main Office or Service Outlets is a torture because of the endless lines.

I proceeded to the NBI Service Outlet in Robinson’s Galleria. I was welcomed by multiple lines! But I stayed calm since I believe online applicants will be prioritized. But I was wrong. Online and walk-in applicants are just separated in the Waiting Area but on the real clearance process, all the applicants will be merged. There are no prioritization that happened for online applicants. Still, online applicants need to fall in line. Literally. You will fall because of fatigue.

The first step is the Payment and Verification wherein the walk-in and online applicants are separated in two lines. The cashier receives payment alternately from the walk-in and online applicants. There are no prioritization. The second step is the bio-metrics and picture taking. All applicants are in a single line. No prioritization again. The last step is the Releasing of the NBI Clearance. This is the shortest line since most of the applicants have Hits (You will have a Hit if you have a namesake, a pending case or any irregularities on your records. If you don’t have a Hit, you’re lucky since you can get your Clearance immediately.)

There are no any prioritization for online applicants in NBI’s clearance application. Unless you’re a senior citizen, person with disability (PWD) or pregnant, you’ll be prioritized. Yes, I wish that online applicants should be prioritized but that’s not my main point here. I want to say that NBI’s online application is useless and pointless. There are only separation of lines for the walk-in and online applicants. That’s all they can offer! At the end of the day, you would realize, “I’ve wasted my time logging in on NBI’s website. I’ve wasted my time filling up the online application form. I’ve wasted my time printing the form. I should just grab an application form personally and filled it up manually.”

I believe NBI contracted an IT solutions firm to create this “faster” online application process. I believe NBI paid the firm for their service. I believe NBI is still paying the firm for the maintenance. I believe that what NBI paid, is paying and will pay to the firm is a waste of government fund. I believe NBI did not conduct a study if the online application would be effective. I believed NBI failed. My goodness! Not only public funds are wasted here but also the people’s time and patience. Do something, NBI! I thought you have an Intelligence Division there. Impress us!


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