Late, Lucky and Non-Sense

I had an appointment at 8AM today. I woke up as early as 6:30AM but my bed was hugging me so tight. I hugged my bed back for a while. A long while. I woke up 7:30AM, since my house is just near in where I will be going. I “assumed.”

Just outside of our neighborhood, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) is conducting a seminar. The road was closed but that’s not an issue because I just walk to get to the highway. So, I rode the jeepney and it was traffic. The time was running fast but the jeepney was not. “I will not be late,” I consoled my self.

After riding the jeepney, I let my foot do the walking again. Whenever I go to EDSA Central, I walk inside a market because I consider it as a shortcut. But this day, some parts of the market were demolished, so, I wasn’t able to take my shortcut. But that’s not an issue because I can take the side street which is just adjacent to the market. My shortcut is just an excuse so that I can avoid the sun’s scorching heat.

As early as 7:30AM, my contact person already texted me reminding me that I have an appointment at 8AM. I lied by replying, “I’m already on the jeepney” when in fact, I just finished taking a bath. So, when I was really sitting inside the jeepney, I texted her I’m already walking. But I was not. I’m a liar. I was almost late for my job interview. Yes, it was a job interview. Almost. I arrived at the office at 7:53AM. Almost late.

It was a stupid attitude to lie, I know. And it’s also stupider to come to a job interview late. In fact, I’ve practiced my alibis on my head if ever they ask me why I was late. I was lucky, they did not ask. Or they’ve already knew it since I look like I just got off from the bed. I guess.

Well, I did great at the job interview that right after my initial interview, I was immediately recommended to the boss for the final interview. The final interview was conducted through landline since the boss was driving home. Silly! They had so many questions but I managed to answer well.

As you read this blog entry, you would notice that I’m not saying anything relevant. I’m posting a personal rant here of me being late and lucky at the same time. I was late but was able to give a good shot for a possible job! Say cheers for me, fellas! Thank you for reading this non-sense blog entry.


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