The Great, Greater and Greatest Gatsby


Ad Finem Fidelis

I’ve watched The Great Gatsby and I think it’s an interesting film not because Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby) was there. It was a movie about how love can betray you. And how a writer can take advantage of it. It’s a film for sorrowful lovers and anxious writers.

Before I go deep on the film’s story and essence, let me first comment on its other aspects. I love the acting of DiCaprio. He’s so calm and confined but you can still feel the depth of what he wants to say through his striking eyes and solid smiles. Just through an actor’s stare, you’ll know if he’s a good one. I don’t know why up to now, DiCaprio doesn’t have an Oscars.

Moving on, my favorite DiCaprio scene was when Joel Edgerton (Tom Buchanan) revealed Gatsby’s background and true business. Gatsby lost his temper and confronted Tom but managed to control his self. I love that scene when he almost punched Buchanan. His face was tomato red and he’s gasping for air as seen on how his cheeks trembled. I really love this scene, it was scalding hot, literally and figuratively. That scene was just epic. E for excellent; P for pious; I for immersed; and, C for classic.

Edgerton’s acting in this film was also commendable. Just look on how Tom maintained his stance and composure when Gatsby attacked him. He laughed amid the panic he felt. Yes, he panicked, but still caught his pride and macho attitude. Another scene that proved Tom’s macho attitude was when he saw his mistress’ dead body. His manly tears were even afraid to kiss his manly cheeks.

Who won in the battle of these two gentlemen to take Daisy Buchanan’s (Carey Mulligan) hand? It’s Tom. I guessed he won not because Gatsby broke down but because Daisy’s just afraid. Afraid to face the truth that the one she truly love (Gatsby )came back and she can’t leave the man (Tom) that fulfilled her dreams.

Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway) was the heart of the story. Not the film, of course. He was the ultimate third wheel, ever. He’s Daisy’s cousin, Tom’s friend and Gatsby’s neighbor. He was the bridge between Daisy and Gatsby who have not seen each other for five years. Their relationship was cut and it’s Nick who stitched it. Aside from being the ultimate third wheel, Nick was also the ultimate secret bearer of the three. Nick knows that Daisy and Gatsby are meeting each other secretly. Nick knows that Tom has a mistress. Nick knows that it’s Daisy who accidentally killed Tom’s mistress. Nick’s role was crucial. Nick, in fact, carries the same pain the main characters got. A secret love’s secrets are deadly. The secret bearer is the murderer. Tobey’s acting here was a mere supporting role, really. It’s not amateurish and not award-winning.

Let me get deep this time. Let me talk about Gatsby’s love to Daisy and vice versa and Daisy’s love to Tom and vice versa. Daisy loves Tom because she’s married to him, Tom supported her and Tom gave Daisy’s material needs. That’s where Daisy’s love to Tom ends. On the other hand, Tom loves Daisy because she’s her trophy. Tom doesn’t want to let Daisy go because that would be a slap to his manliness and elite status. Tom and Daisy are an elite couple that represent people’s desire for gold and glory.

Now, Daisy and Gatsby love each other deeply. That’s not a question. Gatsby loves Daisy because, well, she love her. Get all the poetic ideas about love and those are the reasons why Gatsby loves Daisy. It’s a cliche, but Gatsby is Daisy’s life. He did all his best to get rich just so he can fulfill Daisy’s dreams. Daisy, on the other hand, loves Gatsby because of the same reasons why Gatsby loves her. For Daisy, Gatsby might be his Prince Charming that would give her all her desires. But Gatsby never returned and Daisy’s love was put in vain. Daisy’s hope lost when her love vanished. When the two met again, their love reignited. Daisy just chose Tom because she have had enough of Gatsby. She let go because she’s weak and selfish.

Gatsby offered all he had just for love but he ended up as a solitary man. I still believe that in love, you should give it all even if you’re not sure on what the future will offer you. In a relationship, it is not the pain that matters but the love that you could offer.

Gatbsy was great because he loved for love’s sake. Gatsby was greater than anyone else because his dream never stayed as a dream. Gatsby was the greatest because his hope never died.

Faithful to the end


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