Discipline is Nationalism

Discipline is misunderstood by Filipinos. We think that it is for the rich and educated. Discipline is for all. Discipline should be considered as an equalizer. An equalizer for people from different walks of life. Discipline is an easy thing to do. We just choose to forget it.

Back in the Pre-Martial Law Era, Former President Ferdinand Marcos’ motto was “Sa ikauunlad ng bayan, disiplina ang kailangan.” During that time, the country was clean, organized and was Singapore-like. All people are disciplined even to their simplest gestures like following traffic rules and throwing their litters properly. In fact, others believe that during those days, the Philippines was at its Golden Age. I never lived on that era but as others testified, it was during that time that they can proudly say they’re Filipinos.

As I see the Philippines now, I wonder why we ended up like this. People are jaywalking even on dangerous highways; there are garbage everywhere from public plazas to church premises; vandalized walls and light posts are a common scene; ungentle men urinating on wherever they want; passers-by spitting everywhere; and, drivers violating all traffic rules and regulations they see.

I am a disciplined citizen of this country and it’s disappointing to see my kababayans being undisciplined. It’s not hard to be disciplined and I wonder why they can’t do that? I don’t know if this country still has a chance of becoming great and superior again. I’m still proud of my country amidst all these because whether I am disciplined or not, She will accept me as her son.

Discipline is not just a simple act of humanity. For me, discipline is a symbol of nationalism.

If you love your country, follow even Her basic rules. If you love your country, take care of Her. If you love your country, be proud of Her. If you love your country, show Her your gratitude by being disciplined. A disciplined citizen. A disciplined child. A disciplined Filipino.


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