Toil for Oil: Civil War

My eyes were opened when I’ve watched Al Jazeera’s documentary, The Secret of the Seven Sisters. This a documentary about the world’s biggest oil companies called as the Seven Sisters and how they’ve controlled the world’s oil resources. These oil companies are in the business as early as 1928. Let me introduce to you the world’s biggest exploiters of oil, environment, people and the world itself–BP, Gulf Oil, Chevron and Texaco, Shell, Esso and ExxonMobil. They are some of the world’s richest companies getting their resources and money from the world’s poorest nations. These oil companies are powerful. They control governments. They control countries. And I hate it that they can even control this world. I hate that they’re greedy. I hate that they get too much from Earth that they give too little to its people.

Civil wars erupted because of these oil companies. In Nigeria, it is an open secret that the Nigerian Civil War happened because of the oil companies’ intrusion in their government and their resources. Nigeria’s oil-rich lands are located in its Southern provinces. And as time passed by, Southern Nigeria’s large mangrove areas were damaged due to oil leaks. The fishermen’s lives were affected. Aside from the environmental damage brought by the oil industry, poverty was rampant too amidst the fact that the revenue of the government from the oil industry amounts to millions of dollars.

The Southern provinces of Nigeria want to secede from Nigeria. This erupted the Civil War. They wanted to escape from poverty, political repression, human and civil rights violations, Western capitalism and further exploitation of their environmental and human resources. They did not succeed as the Western powers sided with the Nigerian government. Nigeria did not win. It’s Southern provinces did not win. In that war, the oil companies were the victor.

The case of Nigeria is just one side of the coin. There are many other stories to tell and I promise to write them down in a series. Oil is a vital necessity for many industries in this demanding world. I hope oil companies would be more humane in doing business. They’re depleting the Earth’s oil and yet, they’re not doing something good for this aging planet’s future.

You can watch the documentary here.


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