Kapuso and Kapamilya: Katotohanan

This is an essay for my Media Literacy subject.

I am not a Kapamilya. I am a Kapuso since birth. I don’t often watch ABS-CBN’s news and public affairs programs so I really don’t have any idea how they handle the Pork Barrel issue. I hope they’re handling it well, though.

As for GMA, I’ve been following Bantay Kaban ng Bayan, their series of reports about the Pork Barrel Scam. I’m not bias but I think they’re doing it well. While other news outfits focus only on Janet Napoles, GMA also investigated other individuals that are possibly operating the same scam inside the government. I’ve watched as GMA showed a series of reports about a certain Godofredo Roque and his organization doing what seems the same as what Napoles is doing. I think they’ve made a good report about that pointing out that Janet Napoles is not the only one who illegally operates with the government to waste public funds. This is GMA’s way of saying that corruption in the country is more than serious as it is wide-scale–from the barangay up to the national level.

I believe GMA’s reports about Roque were exclusive to them as I never see other networks, radio stations and newspapers report about it. In fact, Roque and his accomplices were even mentioned by Sen. Teofisto Guingona III in one of the hearings of the Blue Ribbon Committee. GMA exposed other possible Napoles-like organizations dealing with the government and Sen. Guingona highlighted that in one of the hearings. Sen. Guingona even asked Benhur Luy, the principal whistle-blower in the case, if he knows if there are other individuals who operates like them. Luy said that there might be other possible organizations like them but he’s not sure about it. Only Napoles has the idea if there are others like her, Luy said.

I don’t care if GMA and ABS-CBN is being accused of trial by publicity by the involved senators in the Pork Barrel Scam. They are just merely reporting the news. They’re presenting the facts. They’re opening the eyes of the Filipinos. They’re helping the public to be more vigilant and involved. GMA and ABS-CBN should not consider themselves as rivals in the fight against corruption. I hope that both stations realize that what they’re reporting might affect the course of the case, so, they should always be just, fair, truthful and always serve the interest of the people.


2 thoughts on “Kapuso and Kapamilya: Katotohanan

  1. I was a Kapamilya. But now I don’t have a TV hehehe. Yeah, I watched GMA News TV when I was at home (my mom has a TV) and I think they’re doing great in reporting. I agree with you. It’s the truth that matters. Great post! 🙂

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