Jeepney Joyride: Passenger Viewing

Whenever we ride jeepneys, we are welcomed by a melting pot of Filipinos. Filipinos from different walks of life. Since jeepney is a  form of public transportation, you have no choice but to deal with people. Deal with people that for a short time are your elbows’ neighbors.

Here are some strangers that you would meet while taking a windy and traffic jeepney adventure:

1. Sweet Lola

She’s that slow moving grandmother that would touch all the knees of the other passengers just so she can safely get to her seat. That’s one small yet sweet act of kindness.

2. Boy Odor

Maybe he’s tired from work or just came from a basketball game without changing his clothes. Either way, he still have a foul odor. It’s a torture if he’s beside you and he’s arm is holding the handrail. Hold your breath for a couple of minutes while you flirt with his armpit.

3. Rapunzel

I have an allergic rhinitis and I hate it when a girl with her hair hanging loosely is sitting beside me. Hey! Why not tie your hair so that it don’t slap the face of the other passengers. Warning for girls: put a lot of aloe vera in your hair if you’re planning to use it as a weapon of face destruction. *Sneezes*

4. Space Invaders

Oftentimes, jeepneys have the impression of being fully-loaded but in reality they are not. There are only those passengers who eat space so much that other passengers only survive the ride with the help of their supportive butt-cheeks. Here are the top Space Invaders you don’t want to meet:

  •  Kuyang Bukaka: That guy who spreads his leg so wide that you wanna kick his groin.
  • Ateng Tagilid: That girl who sits diagonally as if she’s wearing a gown. Screw you!
  • Nanay Baggage: That mother whose bag is sitting beside her. That’s acceptable if she paid the fare twice.
  • Neneng Kandong: That passenger who doesn’t want his/her kid to sit on his/her lap. He/she insists that the child should sit beside him/her. That’s alright if the child’s fare is paid, but if not, that’s so selfish!

5. Air Freshener

These are the passengers whose perfumes are fragrant! Yeah! I love having them inside the jeepney because I’m too tired smelling the jeepney’s fume!

6. Wit-Wew

They are those ladies who wear revealing clothes or don’t wear any clothes at all. *Wink wink* If you see someone wearing sexy clothes, I hope they’re good-looking.

Ride a jeepney and meet different people! Just remember to control the way you judge them.


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