Game Show: Guess It, Get It!

I hosted a game show, today. It was my friend’s school production. It was my first time to host something like this but I have hosted a debut, birthday parties and simple class projects before. Also, I am not a jolly and energetic type of host as my forte is formal speaking like debating and impromptu and extemporaneous speaking.

The game show is entitled Guess It, Get It! I don’t get it why did they choose me to host this show. Or I guess they have no choice at all. No choice is still a choice. My friend, encouraged me to audition by sending a video of me doing a spiel. The quality of the video I sent was poor because the megapixel of my cellphone’s camera was so low. The end product? As I energetically speak in the video, my face is blurry. Maybe they chose me because they thought I was handsome because my voice is handsome. They were right, I’m handsome, subjectively.

I commend the production for having a great idea for the game show. It’s new and I’ve never seen something like this before. Since it’s my first time to do this, I’ve really never seen something like this before. Indeed, even a small class project can bring the brightest ideas from the students. So what if producing a game show is stressing? The thing is that they pulled off the idea and made it happen.

Here’s a glimpse of the game show:

The players are mothers and children. The team is composed of a mother and her son or daughter. Together, they need to survive a series of challenges to win the game. The host, would just stand there and try to prove he’s handsome. Yes. I am.

The three teams would compete in the first round called Market Budget. In this round, the teams will need to buy items in a market with only P300 on their budget. The teams whose total merchandise amounted to or almost P300 would advance to the next round. Only two teams will advance and the losing team will be eliminated.

For the next round, which is called Shop and Wear, the teams will need to search clothes in two baskets and wear those. The team who would be able to wear the most number of clothes in one minute would win the challenge.

The next round is the Moms vs. Gadgets. This portion (and the succeeding portions) made the game show unique. The idea is fresh and original. Here, the host would give a price for an item and the mothers need to guess where on the gadgets displayed is equivalent to the given price. The children are not allowed to help their mothers. The twist here is that since they’re the ones exposed to the items, it’s the children who know the prices. With that, the challenge would be harder for their mothers since they’re unaware on the items’ prices. The team who would guess the right product would win the round.

The next round is Children in the Kitchen. It’s just the same as Moms vs. Gadgets but the players here would be the children only and the items that are displayed are appliances. This time, the mothers know the price of the appliances since they’re usually the ones who are buying those. With that, it would be harder for their children to guess the price. In this portion, the winning team would advance to the next round.

Points would be totaled from the first round up to the last and the team who garnered the highest point would enter the jackpot round. As for the losing team, they will be eliminated.

In the jackpot round, the game would be just the same as the two previous rounds. The host would give them a price and they need to guess where on the six random items displayed would be equivalent to the given price. If they chose the right merchandise, they would take home the jackpot but if they’re wrong, they will be receiving a consolation prize.

Get It? The game is simple but unique. As the expression goes, “It’s simple but it rocks!”

My throat hurts as of these posting because I almost shouted during the shoot just to increase my energy level. But I’ve enjoyed my day because it’s another fun experience for me. I did my best and I hope the production liked it. Although I don’t often smile, my energy is not that high, my voice is low, I’m monotonous sometimes, I didn’t make the necessary gestures, I stutter or my spiel was wrong and sometimes wrinkled my forehead, at least we made it and finished the production with no trouble! Still, I’m handsome.

But honestly, it’s really hard to smile when you’re talking. I salute those people who often need to fake their smile just to make others happy. At the end of the day, hosting is not about you, even if you’re handsome or not. It’s about the idea of the game; the fun of doing it; and, the crowd’s satisaction.

Guess it? Get It!


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