My Cat Meows Me

I love cats more than dogs because cats are cute forever unlike dogs that are cute only when they’re puppies. It’s not only their cuteness that made me attracted to cats.  Although they are not as showy and clingy as dogs, that’s what made them unique. They’re sweet if they’re sleeping, ignoring or hating us. Just staring at cats will give you the love you want to get from them. They are often misunderstood but they don’t care about that.

I’m a pet lover. We have a dog, bird, rabbit, chicken, quail, white rat, black rat (yes, the dirty one), duck, hamster and fish in our house before. But of all the pets I had, cats are my favorite because they are quiet, fluffy, huggable and sweet. So far, there are five cats that resided in our house. I have those two kittens that stayed in our house for a short time. I don’t know what happened to them. Next was this black cat that came to our house with wounded feet. We cared for him for a couple of months and cured his wound. I remember combing his fur with my own comb (up until now, I’m using that comb.) And then, that cat went missing and another cat came to our house. This new cat is a sweet lady but my mother hates her because she’s always pregnant. I love her kittens though. I cannot count the kittens she nursed at our house because they’re too many! And then, the cat I have now is a nameless cat. He’s with us since 2011. In our family, it is me, my father and one of my brothers who are cat lovers. I speculate that my sister is a non-vocal cat lover too. My mother, on the other hand, is not a fan of cats. She just tolerates their existence (Mosqueda, 2013).

"If I fits, I sits."

“If I fitz, I sitz.”

I love our current cat because he’s cool! Here are some things that he does that makes him unique:

1. He knows how to cat massage. Whenever I’m lying in the sofa, he would come to me and massage my tummy. He also does that to other people taking a break at the sofa. I think he does that because he wants me to pet him because whenever I start petting him, his massage would stop. Whenever he massages me, he controls his claws so that it won’t hurt me. His massage is one good cat therapy.

2. He’s peeing and “unloading” at the bathroom. That makes cleaning his “art” less hassle!

3. He takes a bath monthly. He does not run or scratch me whenever I’m bathing him. He’s quiet and just standing still when I’m pouring water and applying soap in his body. No wonder, he’s so clean, flealess, not smelly and so fluffy.

4. He does not snatch food in our table unless if he’s hungry. But we don’t let him starve! Sometimes, he just wants more. He’s not eating rice and vegetables though. He’s picky!

5. He’s welcoming (and noisy.) Whenever my mother or my father is coming and he hears their voices, he would immediately run in front of the door and start purring endlessly. Although he does not do that to me, I still find that sweet.

Although my cat is sometimes noisy in the evening and even jumps at my face, chest or tummy while I’m asleep, I still love him. Everything he does is magic, especially his scratches that suddenly appear on my skin. Cat rocks!


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