Jeepney Joyride: Sexy Edition

All of us already heard awkward, funny, embarrassing, heart-warming or whatever-you’re-feeling-right-at-the-moment stories in a jeepney. Here’s my share:

Sexy Edition

1. Extreme Public Display of Affection

It was around 6PM when I rode a jeepney loaded with four passengers. Upon riding the jeepney, I sat in front of a couple. I was shocked on what I saw. The girl’s right arm is hugging the guy’s left waist. What’s scandalous is that the girl’s right hand is stroking the guy’s private part! The guy is just covering his shorts with the girl’s clutch bag and handkerchief. When more passengers entered the jeepney, the girl stopped doing it and stayed quiet beside the guy. I was just staring at her and she can’t stare back at me. I looked at the woman to my right to check if she also saw what I saw. And she did because she’s looking at the couple too. What’s funny here is that the guy’s zipper was unzipped and he can’t zip it because he will be busted. So, what he did was to cover his shorts with his shirt. I don’t care if that couple has a problem with their libido but they really need to control it.

2. Pap Smear

I’m quietly having a peaceful moment in a jeepney when two ladies sat in front of me. As the jeepney starts to move, the mouth of the ladies started to talk as well. They are talking about Pap Smear. The elder lady is explaining to the younger lady her Pap Smear experience. Oh Our God! Can you two please be aware that there are male passengers here?

3. “Sexting”

There’s a middle-aged female sitting beside the driver. I was at her back. She’s texting and I was tempted to see her texts. Every once in a while, she’s looking at her back to see if someone’s stalking her. So, when she do that, I immediately turn my attention somewhere else. So, as I stalk her during that jeepney ride, I realized she’s texting her husband who’s having an affair with another woman. She’s so angry to her husband that her text is full of curse words. Take note, she also know the number of the other woman so she’s texting her too. She’s really angry! Except that she’s not using the angry emoticon. The last text I’ve read from her cellphone goes like this: “Go and enjoy having sex with each other! Bastard animals!”

Always remember that jeepneys are public transportation. You’re riding it with other passengers. Jeepneys are not exclusive vehicles for you so be careful on where your hands play, what your mouth says and what your cellphone sends. Next time you ride a jeep, don’t get too “carried away.”


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