A Note about Depression

“It’s only in your mind.”

That’s what most people say when dealing with depressed people. I think they don’t understand the real nature of depression. It’s not a simple mind-setting, it’s a mental illness that cannot be cured overnight. Depression is not even contained in the mind, it crawls to the heart and severely affects the life of a person suffering from it. More than just the “It’s only in your mind” statement, persons suffering from depression need understanding.

Depression is more than feeling sad. It’s an extreme feeling of melancholy that stays with a person from dusk till dawn; from his bed to his work desk. Usually, it stays for a very long time that it makes the person a literal walking dead. He’s breathing but not alive. Depression is an invulnerable opponent. It steals your appetite; desire to take a bath, shave or even brush your teeth; energy to get out of the bed; or, to talk to your friends or family.

Depression is a sly opponent. It wants you to stay awake till 3AM. It wants you to meet unnecessary vices. It wants you to evade from your hobbies.  It wants you to feel sad on small things. It wants you to become the person you don’t want to be. It wants you to stay away from life. Depression is an illness that needs to be addressed.

There are so many signs that indicate if a person is depressed. Here are some of them according to life coach, Lilian Ng Gui:

Sadness – Obviously, they feel sad every time. They feel empty, lost and hopeless.

Guilt – They feel so weak, helpless, useless and worthless.

Irritability – They usually feel irritated, angry, anxious and restless. The reason behind this is that depressed people usually overthink and have slow thought processes. These, in turn, affect the way they make sense of what’s happening around them.

Physical Symptoms – They often feel aches and pains in their bodies. Also, they lose their interest on physical activities they usually do.

Sleep Changes – They usually wake up so early in the morning, sleep too late or do not sleep at all.

Appetite Changes – They usually lose or gain a lot of weight. Others, find a hard time to eat at all.

Suicidal Thoughts – This is the worst sign. If they’re writing suicide notes or keep on talking about death or they have wounds or bruises in their bodies, their depression is serious.

Depressed people are people in pain. They need understanding, not wrong judgments. They need cheers, not beers. They need hugs, not drugs. They need kisses, not riches. Depressed people need support. Depressed people need people.


3 thoughts on “A Note about Depression

  1. Yes, depression is “all in your head…” but that’s the scary part. You can’t escape it. And of course there are the symptoms that manifest themselves in physical manners. Very good post. 🙂

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